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土佐龍馬会会長  田村 滋

Message from the president


The Warei Shrine in Kanda, Kochi City is said to be where Ryoma Sakamoto, who had decided to leave his domain, stopped by to pray for his success.


We all know about Ryoma's subsequent activities. Ryoma, who   created the dawn of Japan, marked the first step.


On March 24, 1862, at the age of 28, Ryoma left Tosa with his comrade Sawamura Sonojo, saying, "I am going to Yoshino to see the cherry blossoms. "Yoshino” refers to the area where the Warei Shrine is located in Kouda-Aza Saitaniyama, Kochi City, which was famous for its cherry blossoms at that time. It is said that Ryoma stopped by this shrine to drink a cup of water, perhaps praying that he would be able to reach his goal safely.

After his escape from the clan, Ryoma played an active role in the Meiji Restoration, the dawn of Japan, as an ambitious leader until his death at the age of 33.


Today, we need people who will inherit Ryoma Sakamoto's "Ryoma spirit" and "love people, love peace, and seek peace", and who will try to build a vibrant society full of hope with their own hands.


At present, the "Ryoma Shachu," which consists of Ryoma associations throughout Japan that respect Ryoma and look up to him as their mentor, has inaugurated the 207th Ryoma Association in the world (191 in Japan and 16 overseas) in Kanchaburi, Thailand.


The spirit of Ryoma is spreading vigorously throughout Japan and the world.


The purpose of the Zenkoku Ryoma Shachu is to inherit the Ryoma spirit of "self-forgetting, others-for-advancement," to share, expand, and pass it on to the next generation, to learn and act widely in the "Ryoma World", and to deepen exchanges with many people around the world.

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